4663487772_c7b1504f01_bI’m a PhD student in English at Claremont Graduate University. I’ve studied Early, 19th, and 20th century American literature, and my main interest is post 1945 American literature and popular culture. My current research focuses on women “on the road” and behind the wheel. What does it mean that Daisy gets behind the wheel and kills Myrtle? Why is Maria compelled to drive back and forth on the freeway, cracking hard boiled eggs and drinking cokes all the way? Why does Oedipa see the road as a “hypodermic needle, inserted somewhere ahead into the vein of a freeway”?

When I’m not on Jstor or MLA Bib., I’m a self-proclaimed internet magpie: I curate Sound Cloud playlists, watch Youtube lectures, and follow webcomics.

contact: diana.luu@cgu.edu


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